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“Cleared4School has been a great program for our school. This web-based app expedites the symptom screening process and streamlined how our staff and students enter the school building every morning.  I would definitely recommend this software, along with other recommendations from the CDC, for other schools who want their teachers and students to return to school as safely as is possible during this pandemic.  Our parents and staff have voiced how much they appreciate that our school is taking these measures to ensure their safety. …….”  Heather Bourgeois, M. Ed.  Principal Louisiana Key Academy 
 “Cleared4School is serving us very well.  Parents, Staff and Admin love the ease of use and efficiency of application;  currently it only takes us 6 minutes, at the front door, to onboard our students daily.  This is because the parents are screening the students before they leave their residences in the morning, and by the time they get to our front door their names are already on our dashboard and we just usher them in.  It really is a seamless process…Thank you!! Kenneth Donato, Asst. Principal, Saint Barnabas High School
“Thank you so much for the opportunity to use your wonderful product as well as your generosity and flexibility in working with us on the cost. We are so very blessed Kim was able to research your company and organize this arrangement! You have taken a great deal of stress from our reopening plans! I feel confident that our families will not only be very impressed with this product, they will feel at ease that we are taking such diligent measures to ensure the safety and wellness of their children and our staff.” Eileen O’Neill, Principal, Aquinas Academy