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Created By Doctors. Used Daily by Parents. Get Cleared 4 School.

On July 9, 2020, the Cleared4Schools team helped the first school to reopen in the United States. To date, this school has remained open. 

The Cleared4Schools app was created by a medical doctor and a nurse, who are also parents who use the app daily with their kids.

Includes dashboards and reporting features. Health Data is protected according to federal guidelines. 

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Dr. Brian Benson

Brian Benson, Ph.D., M.D. Having eight years of clinical experience, Dr. Benson is a true visionary and entrepreneur. Formerly enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, he has advised the Department of Defense on developing their patient-facing clinical decision support tool for COVID-19 and is in talks with the Department of Homeland Security regarding potential collaboration.  He has begun providing services to a local charter school (1st – 8th grade) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Louisiana Key Academy is the first school to re-open in the U.S., having opened July 9th, 2020.

Dr. Benson is honored to work alongside brilliant scientists and clinicians in this endeavor.  The team members consist of medical, pandemic preparedness, mathematics, computer science, clinical decision support, health, and software engineering professionals. Our members hold doctorate degrees in medicine, computer science, and mathematics. 

Kaley Benson

Cleared4School Co-founder/Chief Operations Officer
Kaley is an oncology nurse with over 20 years of experience. During her career,  she has worked in inpatient oncology, autologous stem cell transplant, high dose interleukin-2 program management, oncology patient navigation, and in various educational roles for nursing staff and newly diagnosed oncology patients. At Cleared4School, she provides project oversight, quality testing and serves a central role in the development of new functions and modules. She provides clinical expertise and guidance to shape the product design and ensures Cleared4School provides a safe process for schools to follow when reopening. Drawing on years of clinical experience, she created the nurse’s dashboard, which provides tools specifically for the school nurse or other staff member tasked with managing staff or students when not cleared for school. Her passion is seeing students and teachers successfully and safely return to the classroom. Benson explains, “It’s not enough to just provide screening questions in app form, Cleared4School provides a process and guidance for schools……”