Our App Helped Re-Open the First School in the USA.

Daily COVID-19 Symptom Checker App

COVID consulting for schools.

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Cleared 4 School was created by doctors, who are parents, and use it every day for their 4 children. Your students deserve to come back to school safely, and you deserve to open your school with confidence

COVID-19 Symptom Checker

As the country moves into the next reopening phases, how to safely do this is on everyone’s minds. Put these fears to rest with the Cleared4School and Cleared2Gather COVID-19 screening products. Following the CDC guidelines, we developed automated COVID-19 symptoms screening software that builds trust with your stakeholders. The Cleared4school (for schools) and Cleared2Gather (for non-school settings) symptom checkers come with an easy-to-read dashboard that breaks down the challenge of clearing students and employees to return to campus. 

Cleared4School and Cleared2Gather – great for daycares, summer camps, and church camps too!

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Have Questions Before You Try The Demo? We’re Here to Help!

We are the longest-running screening app for schools in the U.S. Here’s a few more reasons to love us.


Fast Implementation

We can have your school set up and running within 2 business days, if not sooner! You provide your student and staff list and we go from there.


We meet FERPA and Electronic Health Record regulations, data is encrypted and encoded before it leaves the user’s device, and then is stored in a secure cloud database in the same manner before being securely transmitted to the dashboard. 


Screening Questions

Fully customizable, you decide what questions you ask, how you ask them, how each question is weighed (algorithm), which language (choose from 109 options), select question design, and more

Web-Based Application

No downloads necessary; Accessible via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop

Daily Screening Survey

Parents and Staff complete each morning before leaving for school.

Daily Email Reminders

Help staff and parents to never forget to complete the survey.

Nursing Tools

Built with the school nurse in mind, reporting and documenting tools that manage the safe return of students/staff to school after quarantine, etc.

Single Sign On

For staff with dependents, for siblings, and families.


Easy & Custom Reporting

Report new symptoms, submit screening survey on behalf of others, release from “Status Not Cleared” to return to school. Track clearance status, symptoms, symptom onset, overtime or daily, all exportable to CSV file


Stand Alone System

Unlike other symptom checkers, you do not need to move to an entire new SIS to obtain a symptom screener – Cleared4School is a stand-alone program.


District Level Admin Tools

View all schools within your large or small district, district reporting and more.

Screen Visitors

QR Code technology allows for efficient and safe screening of any unexpected guests or visitors
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Reopen with Confidence

The Cleared4School and PathCleared products use a three-step solution to support a safe transition:

1. A thorough consultation to help your facility determine a strategy based on our experience helping reopened schools across the country.

2. A simple web-based application, which can be completed quickly from any location. Cleared4Schools and PathCleared place the temperature screening process in students’, staff, and visitors’ hands, giving administrators real-time reports before campus arrival.
3. A robust, customizable dashboard and monitoring process that allows administrators to check on students and employees. All information is securely encrypted, encoded, and securely transferred to school administrators.

Schools, Administrators, and Parents Love Cleared4School

Heather Bourgeois

Heather Bourgeois


Cleared4School has been a great program for our school. This web-based app expedites the symptom screening process and streamlined how our staff and students enter the school building every morning.  I would definitely recommend this software, along with other recommendations from the CDC, for other schools who want their teachers and students to return to school as safely as is possible during this pandemic.  Our parents and staff have voiced how much they appreciate that our school is taking these measures to ensure their safety.
Kenneth Donato

Kenneth Donato

Asst. Principal

Cleared4School is serving us very well.  Parents, Staff and Admin love the ease of use and efficiency of application;  currently it only takes us 6 minutes, at the front door, to onboard our students daily.  This is because the parents are screening the students before they leave their residences in the morning, and by the time they get to our front door their names are already on our dashboard and we just usher them in.  It really is a seamless process…Thank you!!
Eileen O'Neil

Eileen O'Neil


Thank you so much for the opportunity to use your wonderful product as well as your generosity and flexibility in working with us on the cost. We are so very blessed Kim was able to research your company and organize this arrangement! You have taken a great deal of stress from our reopening plans! I feel confident that our families will not only be very impressed with this product, they will feel at ease that we are taking such diligent measures to ensure the safety and wellness of their children and our staff

Patrick Dowd

Patrick Dowd

Technology Director

Cleared4School played an important role in allowing us to re-open our campus safely. Parents and teachers alike were very comforted by the fact that this program was implemented. The staff at Cleared4School are very responsive and quick to find a resolution to any issues. I would highly recommend them for your screening program!

Eric Reid

Eric Reid

Vice Principal

It is safe to say that preparing for this school year was unlike any before it. With myriad scenarios to plan for, we knew right away one of the first things to tackle was daily COVID-19 symptom screening and tracking. After researching a number of companies, we reached out to Cleared4School and knew right away they were the perfect provider for our community's needs. Kaley and Brian guided us through every step of the process and were always available to answer any questions that come up night or day. Moreover, knowing we were working with not only two medical professionals, but two parents who also wanted to keep their own children safe during school re-openings made all the difference. I cannot recommend Cleared4School enough. The peace of mind they have provided our faculty, students, and families is priceless. 



We have been using it since October 15th and we find it so helpful and user-friendly. I highly recommend doing a Zoom demo to see how easy the screening app works and how administrators can keep track of the health of both students and staff. Our parents are using the app every school day to clear their children and it is making our check in so much easier.