Our App Helped Re-Open the First School in the USA After COVID-19

Daily COVID-19 Symptom Checker App

COVID consulting for schools.

Cleared 4 School was created by doctors, who are parents, and use it every day for their 4 children. Your students deserve to come back to school safely, and you deserve to open your school with confidence

COVID-19 Symptom Checker

As the country moves into the next reopening phases, how to safely do this is on everyone’s minds. Put these fears to rest with the Cleared4School and StatusClearedCOVID-19 screening products. Following the CDC guidelines, we developed automated COVID-19 symptoms screening software that builds trust with your stakeholders. The Cleared4school and StatusCleared symptom checkers come with an easy-to-read dashboard that breaks down the challenge of clearing students and employees to return to campus. 

school symptom checker

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covid-19 symptom checker

Reopen with Confidence

The Cleared4School and StatusCleared products use a three-step solution to support a safe transition:

1. A thorough consultation to help your facility determine a strategy based on our experience helping reopened schools across the country.

2.  A simple web-based application, which can be completed quickly from any location. Cleared4Schools and StatusCleared place the temperature screening process in students’, staff, and visitors’ hands, giving administrators real-time reports before campus arrival.
3.  A robust, customizable dashboard and monitoring process that allows administrators to check on students and employees. All information is securely encrypted, encoded, and securely transferred to school administrators.